Welcome to the enchanting Osea Island

An idyllic haven basking serenely on the Blackwater Estuary, yet remarkably, just a little over an hour’s drive from the city!

It’s a place to switch off from a troubled world and savour moments as you wander along its 5 miles of private beaches, rarely bumping into another soul.

It’s a place to daydream, a place for romance and friendship, a place to sit out under the stars around a blazing firepit gazing up at a canopy of distant galaxies.

Ultimately it’s a blank canvas for creating memories that will live on for years to come. Osea is an eclectic experience, wild, rustic and extraordinary.

Surrounded by 550 acres of rustic gardens, orchards, meadows and salt marsh the island has a variety of accommodation. Its charming cottages, apartments and grand houses are available for holidays and family get togethers. Exclusive hire of the whole island is also possible for private events.

“Essex outpost that’s as chic as the Hamptons. The Manor House has old-school grandeur; but feels well lived in. There is a long stretch of lawn in front, leading to the beach, and the beautiful open waters of the estuary. It’s more Nantucket than The Only Way Is Essex.“

Kate Freud — Daily Mail

“The approach to Osea Island is a strange mix of the mundane and the surreal. The island is not signposted and having negotiated the ring road of Maldon and a never-ending series of mini-roundabouts, I stop the car to ask a passer-by the way. He stares at us blankly, ‘Never heard of it‘.”

Joane O‘Conner — Financial Times