Osea is accessed by a tidal causeway, please review the low tide times of your arrival and departure. Alternatively contact us and we will endevour to assist you in your travel to Osea Island.

Accessing Osea Island


As we are accessed by a tidal causeway, it's best to call us for exact directions and advice on the timings of your journey. Please be aware, for crossing, use the Osea Island leisure park (CM9 4SA) for sat-nav.


Depart Liverpool Street station to Witham Station less than 50 minutes journey from the city. A taxi can take you onward to Osea. This must be pre-booked. Please email [email protected] (Monday to Friday office hours) to assist you with this.


Nearest air field is Battersea (20 minutes).

Water Taxi

A Water Taxi can be booked prior to your arrival to bring you to the island. There is a parking lot where you can leave your car.

Flying bird illustration

In normal circumstances you would have a regular check in and check out time. This does not apply on Osea and your check out time will correspond with the low tide times.

If you have any questions regarding accessibility or further details on catering and amenities please contact us to request a brochure.