Captain’s House

Sleeps 22

“Stunning sea views, beautiful white cottages and windy leaf paths, I didn’t want to go home. You could hear a pin drop for the first time in a very long time. Staying in the picturesque Captain’s House which resembled one of my very own ‘House Goals’ style Pinterest kitchens, complete with matching floral tea pot and plate sets, with a seaside theme.”

Loriley Sesh — Travel Blog

Living Rooms

Captains house living room web 1

Dining Room

Captains house dining room web

Kitchen/Breakfast Room

Bedroom Suite 1

Bedroom Suite 2

Bedrooms 3 & 4 with Shared Bathroom

Family Bedrooms 5 & 6

Bedroom 7 & Veranda

En Suite Bedrooms 8 & 9

Shared Bathrooms